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* Mã sản phẩm : AD16-22SM

AD16-22SM LED Signal Indicator Pilot lamp with buzzer

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XIDER
Model Number: AD16-22SM
Protection Level: IP45
Max. Current: 200A
Max. Voltage: DC:12V,24V AC:220V
sound pressure: 75dB

Brief introduction
A022-22-25-16 (LED) and AD22-22-25-16-12 (NEON) series of indicator is equally used LED shining chip as light source.Because of long life, low consumption, small volume and light weight, it is a product replaced the older generations XD all kinds of incandescent lamp and indicator of neon lamp by new ones. AD22-25, AD22-22 and AD22-16 indicators produced by our factory have following character: high brightness.good reliability,beautiful shape and careful manufacture. Products are well praised by lots of clients. In order to fit in with quality and aesiheric demand of user, we develop AD22-22B,C,D,E,G,H,double-color lamp,position indicator, shining buzzer and mini short indicator again and useAD22-22G122GS series button style to design shape,and it is possible to seal all kinds of international standard symbols or make to order ones in lampshade. Lampshade is made of polycarbonate with high intension and has better anti-surge performance, set up bolt-type connector in it, which will be safer and more convenient. All improvement will be provided convenience and perfection for ou.

AD22 series of indicators are used as indicating, foretelling,accident and other signals in the lines of equipment (such aselectrical power, telecommunication, machine tool, watercraft,textile, printing, mine machinery, etc).

AD16-22SM LED Indicator light with buzzer

Aable environment
1)Environmental temperature:-25℃~55 ℃
2) Relative humidity: <98%.
3) It can normally work under following condition: vibration
frequency is 2-80Hz and accelerated speed is 0.7g.
4) Pollution grade is 3 and installed sort is Ⅲ
5) There is a "TH" sign, and it is possible to work under the
moist tropical environment.

Main technical data
1) Voltage of working frequency: 2.5kV(AC valid value), 1 min.
2) Insulated resistance > 2MΩ
3) Voltage wave allowed by AC indicator -: 20%
4) Continual working life B 30000h
5) Brightness > 60cd/mz
6) Index of leakage CT1 > 100
7) Protection grade IP65, and it is possible to be made to order
8) Using frequency AC50-60Hz

Contrast list of voltage current and code
Voltage code 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Supply coltage AC.DC DC FD AC
Voltage(V) 6 12 24 36 48 110 127 220 380 500 220 380
Current 140 172 18-72  18 18 16 16 12 12 12 16 17

LED Indicator light with buzzer

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